What can you learn in FRAMEWORK Workshop?


Node.js is a JavaScript runtime built on Chrome’s V8 Java-Script engine. You can write web application with only one programming language on the client-side and server-side.

Reasons To Learn :

  • Using JavaScript in front-end and back-end
  • Recently many companies migrate their system to Node.js. It means many opportunity to be a Node.js developer


In this workshop participants will learn how to build and design of digital products such as mobile apps and websites in order to be comfortable for user to use.

Reasons To Learn :

  • Learn to empathise with user, to make a product that really solves user’s problem
  • To make product that is comfortable for the user to use


Unity is a game engine, which is used by many companies around the globe to create multiplatform games, from mobile, to PC, to console.

Reasons To Learn :

  • Allows you to easily create interactive 3D cross platform application
  • Create a more engaging presentation and experience, for your user and audience
  • Faster time to adept to new technology and use it in production
  • Rapidly prototype your idea


Xamarin is a cross-platform native mobile app develop-ment framework. You can deliver native Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac apps by using the same code base.

Reasons To Learn :

  • By using the shared C# code base across the plat-forms, you can save the cost of development and maintenance for multiple platform
  • Vast ready-to-use components out there to simplify your development process


In this training, participants will learn how to create hardware products using the Arduino platform, such as the smart device, nor the product of IoT (Internet of Things). The material includes basic knowledge of electronics, the use of sensors and actuators, how to do programming on the Arduino, and connect the Arduino to the internet network.

Reasons To Learn :

  • To make your own hardware-based product
  • To gather data from sensor in order to understand the environment’s condition